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Wimberley Valley Esoteric Society

July 5, 2023 @ 9:30 am - 11:30 am


!!FREE!! R.S.V.P. or Just come sit! 

TOPIC for JULY: What do you think that the “near future’ holds for mankind?

What in the world is going on? Things are really starting to heat up! Is it all just a coincidence or is there something more to it? How is the changing psychological landscape SHIFTING our personal reality faster day by day? 

Open to everyone in the Local Area… the curious, Esotericists, Hermeticists, Christian mystics, Rosicrucians, Jewish Kabbalist, Sufist, Vedantist, Quantum Mystics, Astrologers, Mythologists, Jungians, Gurdjieffians, Human Designers, Gene Key Encoders, Tarot Readers, Light/Energy workers, Native Shaman, Wisdom Keepers, IONians, …Heck, we will even let the Crowleyites, the Masons and the Theosophists sit at our table… We’re just that kind of people. True ‘believers’, open-minded skeptics, rigorous scholars… and we have no problem talking to the occasional atheists, just for fun. 
Hosted by Shannon & Russ von Ohlhausen and sponsored by The SHIFT Foundation. 

Have you been the curious questioning ‘seeker type, always on some kind of path and you find yourself rooted in the Wimberley area wondering where the like minds are? Well, we are those people too…! Let’s commune!

Come on down in person… and have a sit and just connect. It’s free!

**A Few Guidelines: 

–This is a group for discussing the merits of varying philosophies, the sciences, spirituality & consciousness in the fashion of the ‘salons’ of old. Be open-minded

–Though these issues could arise, it is NOT an emotional processing group, nor political or conspiracy focused, nor is it a platform for one ideology over another. It is inclusive of all faiths; with an emphasis on reverence for each them and for one another. 

– Share ideas & ask questions. Feel free to bring a book (or two) and share quotes & passages.

–We have a moderator/host model and usually like to keep the conversations diverse and fast-paced. One person may have the floor briefly but we limit ‘grand-standing’. 

–Its more about what we are cultivating in the space together. 

We will sit in the corner area patio between Sip and Wimberley Cafe in case anyone would like to order breakfast! 

Please RSVP so we know how many seats!