Meet Russell & Shannon

Shannon & Russell’s paths collided in a unique way giving a rebirth, “a new genesis”, to each other and to The SHIFT Foundation as they welded their energy, knowledge and skills together through part of their own awakening path!

About Us

Our Heart & Soul goes into this Work

We feel like we “were made for this time”, to awaken and raise with the wave of consciousness sweeping over the planet, as some are dancing with Shadow and others relearning how to dance with the Light!

Shannon & Russell

Shannon Lei Gill

Co-Founder & Director

Shannon Gill is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Jungian Counselor and agent of personal and collective transformation. With a background in Buddhist psychology, Dance Therapy, archetypal soul-work and indigenous ceremonial arts, Shannon facilitates transformative personal and group experiences utilizing the integration of the wisdom of the cosmos, embodiment practices, sacred ceremony and ritual.

Shannon has a private practice, teaches astrology, hosts workshops, and has served as President of the Astrological Society of Austin. She is the creator of “Rhythm Sanctuary” Ecstatic Dance in Boulder, CO, and seeded dances in Denver and Austin. Co-founder of The Shift Foundation “ASTRAM- Astrologer’s Alliance”, Kalachakra yoga.

russell von Ohlhausen

Co-Founder & Director

Russ von Ohlhauseis a research astrologer & consciousness catalyzer. His work echoes a synthesis of spiritual & material observance commingled with science, religion, myth, metaphysics & most importantlynature. His work on, Celestia Mathematica & The Fibonacci Zodiac has been introduced as a foundational theory of astrological mechanics. Creator of Zodiac Faces: Planetary Physiognomy, The Holy Myth, Zodiac Image Project.

He co-founded the Astrological Society of Austin in 2005, as well as The Foundation for Spiritual Advancement which, along with his partner astrologer Shannon Gill, he helped transform into the the The Shift Foundation in 2017. They work with cosmic embodiment through “head, heart & hands”, rooted in sacred dance & ceremony.

We are All seeds

Thank You For Doing This Work With Us

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