PRE-ORDER your meals by March 29th!

Have your fresh meals READY for you when you GET THERE and during the Event.

MEALS will NOT be available to purchase at/during the event as our chefs need numbers ahead of time to prepare the meals.

There will be a Fresh Juice and Smoothie Bar on site!

As well as snacks, fruit, drinks, coffee and tea to purchase.

Be nourished during the Eclipse retreat. Below are the food options by our local chefs. AND…Feel free to bring your own food as well.

Erin Nelsen:

Rebecca Fitzgerald:

Rolling in Thyme and Dough:

Saturday Breakfast By Thyme and dough:

Saturday Lunch by thyme and dough:

Saturday Dinner by Chef Erin of Sweet and savory aTX:

Sunday Breakfast by Thyme and Dough:

Sunday Lunch by Chef Erin of Sweet and Savory ATX:

Sunday Dinner by Chef Rebecca of Mindful Meals:

monday late breakfast by Thyme and Dough:

monday Late Lunch by Chef Rebecca of Mindful meals:

Have all your food selected? Checkout here.

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