Why we are on MeWe!

So we have decided to us MeWe.com to solve multiple issues with staying connected… but these are some of the best reasons for using this platform.

Welcome Dear One’s to The SHIFT Foundation | Parallel Reality Network MAIN PAGE. We are trying something new (MeWe) AND IT IS FREE!!! (Click past the ‘premium option’ pop-window at sign-up.)

We pay for this service page in order to support MeWe in getting:
• No Ads
• No Data-selling
• No Tracking
• No “Fact-Checking”
• No BS!!
• Privacy
• & Community

THE SHIFT FOUNDATION is a small Texas non-profit community organization, originally founded in 2005 in Austin. Since 2017 we have been active in volunteering, personal growth & community networking gatherings.

After searching high and low, and in the middle of spending a lot time & money expanding our website to create a new way of connecting… we found that MeWe’s platform is well-suited for almost everything we need!

We hope you will give it a go with us! Use the browser version & download the app for the phone/tablet… Basically it is just like a network group message feed in your pocket, with integrated event calendar! A better way to stay in contact…as you choose to!

You may wish to connect to just the TSF main profile (this page) and to some members. You can ‘turn-off’ anyone at anytime! Connect to friends already on the platform! It’s more like to old days of IRC (internet relay chat) before actual ‘social media’.

• Register, go to MeWe sign-up!
• Verify your email. (Click past PREMIUM option window).
• Download the APP on your phone, as well. (recommended)
• Find us, using the top search bar. (If you do not already have group invite(s) from us & find other friends.
• Contacts: just stay a contact of TSF Network – or….
• Groups: choose the TSF local group(s) in the list… e.i. (a local community, the ‘dance church’, the esoteric, group).

(The TSF will be funding the main page paid options/features of $5 a month to support this platform…but as a contact you are not required to do or pay anything at all!)

AND IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE AREA and want to stay connected or even want to admin a special interest or local group, let us know!

IT IS TIME TO START WEANING OFF of FB, IG, Tik-tok, Twitter, etc..!

Catch the Founder on why he created MeWe:

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