The Rites of Passage

“Rites of Passage” are time honored recognition of milestones in someone’s growth process. Ceremonies marking many different achievements, celebrations of merit and points of shedding some of the ways of youth, in order to take on new responsibilities within society and the collective, while learning to maintain a open heart and youthful spirit in the process.

A rite of passage is opportunity to celebrate with our young people and to remind them to go inward, and to step outside of the hectic reality for a moment, to honor within themselves the markers along the path of our shared humanity. We often forget that each life, though very different, goes through the same stages and cycles. As everyone else, we are born, we reach the age of accountability and eventually, we hope to all come to some level of adulthood and maturity, and move forward with our lives with more intention, reverence and respect..

Many different traditions, religions, spiritual, belief, systems, and secular organizations, mark transitions, and rights of passage for their members.

We encourage everyone to remember that they are part of not just their religion or group but are members of the human family, which is evolving in transitioning everyday, every year, and with every generation.

We need to slow down and honor nature within ourselves more often in our daily lives.

Crossing Bridges

“All I knew about ‘rites of passage’ when I was girl was the Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony, which is secular. I remember it’s impact on me. I wish I had known about these in my personal, family and spiritual life!”
Maria Martinez
Sacramento, CA

We have a number of regular rite of passage ceremonies for kids and adults every year but if you would like for us to organize & facilitate a special type of ceremony, please let us know. There is many reasons to continue and enhance these traditions, to put down strong roots for generations to come.

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